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10 Control Points For Battery Rail Transfer Cart Track Installation

DATE: 2021 - 11 - 18
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The battery rail transfer cart is trusted by customers for its safety and mobility flexibility, the series of transfer carts can be used in vertical rail, l-track, S-track, curved track and ferry occasions, the following into the Baxter intelligent battery-electric transfer cart manufacturers to understand the track installation process, technical requirements and the controllable points of each process explained:

Battery Rail Transfer Cart for sale
Battery Rail Transfer Cart for sale

The construction process of track installation is as follows: install steel mat → measure and adjust the elevation of the steel mat → weld the base of the pressure plate → fill the mud → lay the rubber mat → install the rail according to the technical requirements.

The control points of each process are as follows.
(1) Steel rails should be stacked to avoid bending deformation, and the slight bending deformation should be corrected so that its straightness meets the specification requirements.
(2) rail beam civil construction, it is appropriate to use pre-buried bolt positioning plate for bolt positioning, positioning plate nose-rest reliable fixed during construction.
(3)The steel mat plate should be processed and made according to the requirements, and the flatness should be in accordance with (1㎜/1000㎜) The hole of the adjusting bolt on the steel mat plate should be the fillet matching with the adjusting bolt.
(4)Before installing the steel pad plate, the loose concrete and floating slurry on the surface of the rail slot shall be chiselled away, and the floating ash shall be clear, and the water shall be removed; the steel pad plate shall be installed in time after the rail slot is cleaned up, and the time interval shall be shortened as much as possible.
(5) Prepare 10㎜ connection joints at the connection of steel gasket plate, and use adjusting bolts for initial levelling. After welding the base of the pressure plate, then make precise adjustments.

Battery Rail Transfer Cart for workshop
Battery Rail Transfer Cart for workshop

(6)The zone with large spacing between the end of the steel mat plate and the hole of the adjusting bolt should have a new adjusting screw hole to ensure that it is used to adjust upward when the steel mat plate is small concave.
(7)The ambient temperature of the mastic should be maintained between 5℃-35℃ again when the mastic is mixed. A mixing amount should not exceed 28min, and the amount used shall not be adjusted by adding water to the temperature.
(8) before filling the mastic, should again remove all kinds of rubbish and water between the steel mat board and the track slot, and review the flatness of the steel mat board; filling should be only from one side to the other side, one end to the other end, from the mat board under the bubble out; during the filling process, do not force to knock the steel mat board.
(9) After 48h of mastic filling, the adjusting bolt should be loosened and the pre-buried bolt should be tightened. The hole left after the tuning bolt is loosened should be filled with mastic in time.
(10)The interface between the rubber gasket plate and the rubber gasket plate should not be in the rail interface, and should not be located at the interface between the steel gasket plate and the steel gasket plate. The bottom of the rail shall not be exposed laterally.

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