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New Ladle Transfer Vehicle With Weighing Function

DATE: 2021 - 11 - 18
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In today’s networked era, the weighing function data information is incorporated into the industrial industry, which can be calculated to process and control the data information of the ladle truck for transportation, weighing and dosing to achieve fully automated operation. The weighing function ladle truck is mainly used in the metallurgical industry, where the technology and quality should be precise according to the requirements of the process technology.

Electric transfer cart manufacturer Perfect Transfer Cart Company engineers have designed a new weighing function ladle truck, which is given below in detail.

electric transfer carriage for sale
electric transfer carriage for sale

The weighing ladle car is designed according to the customer’s specific process requirements. The structure is based on the original rail transfer cart‘s platform with 4 load cells, 1 display, and a weighing bridge on the sensors, which can read the weighing data directly on the display during work, and also allows for long-distance information transmission.

Perfect Transfer Cart Company produces a wide range of electric transfer carts, and the car’s platform can be designed and customized according to the specific requirements of customers, for the majority of customers to update, replace or modify the electric transfer carts, reducing the investment costs of users.

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