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Analysis Of Agv Transfer Vehicles And Traditional Loading And Unloading Methods

DATE: 2021 - 11 - 18
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The use of AGV transfer vehicles is becoming more and more common with the increasing labour costs in China, and the application of intelligent robots has become an inevitable trend, such as many enterprises using intelligent handling AGV transfer carts to solve the problem of a significant increase in labour costs. The use of AGV transfer vehicles not only solves the above problems but also starts the automation transformation, realizing the reduction of manpower and increasing efficiency. It not only improves the efficiency of the enterprise but also improves the quality of the products and realizes flexibility and automation.

Through AGV transfer vehicle to reduce the proportion of logistics costs in the enterprise production supply chain, has become an important way for many manufacturing enterprises to reduce production costs and improve efficiency.

Agv Transfer Vehicle
Agv Transfer Vehicle

Manufacturing logistics production, the loading and unloading of goods are mainly manual loading and unloading, automatic loading and unloading and AGV automatic loading and unloading three, for you to introduce their respective advantages in detail.

Manual trailer this way is more traditional, mainly through manual and forklift or trailer and some other auxiliary equipment to move goods, its characteristics are low cost, labour demand is also very large, the speed of short-haul operations is still relatively fast, but encounter heavy or long-time operation, its efficiency will be greatly reduced, the production speed of the trailer, the error rate will also increase, in the process of moving heavy objects, there will be safety risks.

Agv Transfer Vehicle for sale
Agv Transfer Vehicle for sale

Automatic transfer, usually through the conveyor equipment to transport the goods to the site, while then with the corresponding process, which of course also requires manual cooperation with the operating console. The production cost of this method is high and the number of workers used is quite high, so only semi-automated production can be achieved.

Automatic AGV handling companies are now starting to use autonomous loading and unloading equipment like AGV transfer vehicles for loading, unloading and assembly of goods, which not only improves production efficiency but also reduces labour and improves the correct rate of products, thus improving the overall business efficiency. The use of AGV transfer vehicles realizes the unmanned, automated and flexible production model of the enterprise.AGV transfer vehicle does not require manual manipulation, the high load can operate continuously for 24 hours without interruption, can realize 360° any angle steering, and is loved by the majority of users.

AGV transfer vehicles can also choose the appropriate route independently and complete a series of handling tasks in an orderly manner. In addition, the AGV transfer vehicle can also change the production process according to the different requirements of the warehouse for the cargo position, more humane, and truly realize the whole automation of production and cargo transportation, improve efficiency and reduce costs.

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