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Key Steps In The Design Of An Electric Transfer Cart

DATE: 2021 - 11 - 18
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With its practicality, the electric transfer cart has been recognized by many industrial enterprises and has been widely used. However, due to the different characteristics of each industry and each enterprise, its usage and shape structure, there are big differences.

Perfect Transfer Cart Company, with a senior engineering team experienced in electric transfer cart design, has summarized the design steps for electric transfer carts in practice as follows.

electric transfer cart factory
electric transfer cart factory

First, to confirm the customer’s use of the electric transfer cart (that is, what it is used for), because different industries, there are different functions and characteristics, even in the same industry, the use is not the same, the structural requirements of the car, there are also great differences.

Second, confirm the customer’s requirements for the load capacity and appearance of the electric transfer cart. These are useful for calculating the strength of the frame and the materials used, etc.

Third, confirm the customer’s requirements for the running distance and running speed of the electric transfer vehicle. This is used to determine the best way to supply power to the vehicle and to calculate the reduction ratio and driving power.

electric transfer cart
electric transfer cart

Fourth, to confirm the customer’s requirements for the track and gauge of the electric transfer cart, etc.

Fifth, to understand the customer’s requirements for the price of the electric transfer carts, etc., should understand the customer’s other special requirements for the electric transfer vehicle.

Through the above steps of understanding, confirming and calculating, you can basically conceive the specific structure of the car and design the working drawing.

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