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Battery Rail Transfer Cart Electrical Maintenance And Servicing

DATE: 2021 - 11 - 18
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Periodically check each power line connection for tightness.
Periodically check the relay and contactor contacts for sticking.
Regularly check the vehicle conductive device wear and tear.

battery rail transfer car
battery rail transfer car

1, the gear oil in the gearbox of the transfer vehicle to do the regular replacement.
2, the flat bearing seat, the grease must be regularly replenished in sufficient quantity.
3, the motor and gearbox transmission through the belt drive, the use of the process should often check whether the belt is loose, such as loose can adjust the motor base adjustment bolts to tighten the belt. If adjusted to a larger position there is still a loose then need to replace the transmission belt.
4、Motor and reducer are driven by a chain, and the chain should be lubricated regularly during use; check if the chain is loose, and adjust it in time if it is loose.
5、Transfer truck carries a brake device, need to regularly check the working of the brake.
6、The reducer part of the transfer truck needs to be checked regularly, and the worn-out gears or bearings should be replaced in time.
7、The wheelset should be checked periodically: observe whether the idling is flexible and reliable, and check whether the bearing wear in the bearing is normal.

battery rail transfer carts
battery rail transfer carts

The battery rail transfer cart for our work has brought a lot of conveniences, but in order to let the equipment can always maintain a normal and efficient state, we need to maintain and repair the car from time to time. Although the maintenance work is trivial but is very important so that we work safely and the life of the equipment have a protective role.

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