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Rail Hydraulic Transfer Cart With Self-Unloading Function

DATE: 2022 - 05 - 12
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Hydraulic self-unloading rail transfer cart is a kind of hydraulic transfer cart, transfer cart body is divided into two parts, connected by hydraulic cylinders, which can be controlled by hydraulic system to make the upper layer of the overall tilt angle, to achieve the role of automatic unloading of goods. These trucks are widely used in pharmaceutical, pipe and grain enterprises. In fully automated mechanized factories, self-unloading trucks are widely used, and with PLC control system, automated production can be realized.


The appearance of railed hydraulic transfer car with self-unloading function makes the height of handling goods adjustable, and the installation is different, and the self-unloading function can be realized, and the self-unloading transfer car is a good application. In the motor, reducer, drive with fully automatic operation, again with the self-unloading function of the rail hydraulic transfer trolley is also a electric flat truck, handling platform flat, in some cases can also be on the platform according to the needs of additional devices to facilitate handling, can handle remote control operation to control the direction. It has the advantages of compact structure, strong load-bearing capacity, beautiful appearance, accurate positioning, high degree of automation, simple operation, smooth turning and driving, strong climbing ability, long driving distance, low noise, easy maintenance, remote operation, etc.

The hydraulic electric transfer trolley is suitable for handling in various environments and is widely used in metallurgy, coal, electromechanical, heavy industry, shipbuilding, light industry and other enterprises. The hydraulic electric transfer cart is most mainly used in brick and tile factories, kiln factories, refractory factories, ceramic manufacturers, firing factories, etc. It can also be used as electric type kiln loading truck, electric type kiln discharging truck, etc.; electric transport cart for engineering projects, tunnel construction, environmental sanitation, electric type tipping truck, electric type environmental sanitation clearing garbage truck, etc.


The design of hydraulic self-dumping rail transfer cart products is scientific, including the basic structure, functional design, energy consumption, processing technology, appearance and other scientific rigorous. The products are maintained with strict requirements, accurate design, and efforts to reduce product costs and create higher application value for users. Then it is artistic, consistent with the layout of modern production plants, product creation in line with modern aesthetic concepts, and in the manufacturing process to maintain the overall aesthetics of workers, electric transfer vehicles and the environment.

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