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What are the advantages of battery electric transfer cart?

DATE: 2022 - 05 - 13
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The battery-electric transfer cart is powered by the battery; compared with the cable reel power supply, towing power supply, and track power supply type, the battery-electric transfer cart’s advantage is that the track laying requirements are not high, in line with the laying requirements can be, there can be appropriate differences, you can make the battery-electric transfer vehicle normal operation, and adapt to bad weather, such as rain and snow, as long as the protection of the battery and electrical cabinet does not enter the rain, the battery-electric transfer cart can also work normally.

The working principle of the battery-electric transfer car is to open a trench on the side of the track, the trench is installed with a slip wire, the trench is covered with a single-sided cover plate fixed on the ground with a hinge, the trolley in operation through the trench installed in the electric transfer car flap device, the flap device has a cable connected with the safety slip wire collector. The trolley is automatically put back to the ground after passing the cover, which can ensure the smooth passage of the trackless car company. Its characteristics are not affected by the running distance, not affected by voltage drop, smooth running speed, and not affected by voltage, sliding flexibility, safety and reliability, and low failure rate, very suitable for large tonnage, long-distance transport of the choice. And suitable for the re-use of the old track (or track without transformation); battery-electric transfer car running distance is long, can adapt to the plant transport environment operation line in the need to turn the way of operation; with remote control and wire control two control modes, remote control distance up to 150 meters. It adopts enhanced lead-acid battery, the life of which is 1.5 times longer than ordinary lead-acid battery. And it adopts 48V/250AH/440AH high-capacity battery, which can work continuously for 10-12 hours.

The rail transfer cart customers said each time charging must be disconnected from the battery pack and controller power connection, and must use a long life charger charging to ensure that the pulse into the battery and not absorbed by the controller; battery must be added every 1 year, the new battery should also be added, and the water purity requirements <0.1us/cm; in normal use, try to keep the battery pack always fully charged, often charged, long life Charger is different from the ordinary charger, it does not hurt the battery, charging precipitation loss of water is very little.

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