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Trackless Transfer Cart – Perfect Transfer Carts Factory

DATE: 2022 - 10 - 25
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Trackless transfer cart, means that the traction motor drives the transfer cart.

Compared with the rail transfer cart, the trackless transfer cart does not depend on the rail, has no higher rail cost, and can turn and rotate 360 degrees in place, which is more simple, convenient, and flexible to operate, and is more suitable for factories that have completed infrastructure construction.

Core Components Of Rail Transfer Cart

Perfect Transfer cart Factory’s BWP series trackless transfer cart consists of a traction motor, a transmission mechanism, a steel load frame, a steering device, a travel mechanism, a control module, and a troubleshooting module.

The trolley can be powered by a battery, discharge motor, or cable. It can be combined with the actual operating environment to choose a suitable power supply method, battery power can be added to the backup battery to extend the running time of the transfer vehicle.

In addition to the basic running device, the trackless transfer cart is also equipped with an obstacle alarm and detection device, when the transfer cart is in operation when there is an obstacle object will be alarmed and automatically stop, and the transfer vehicle is also equipped with an automatic intelligent charger, no need to change the battery back and forth.

Electric Transport Cart Working With Overhead Crane

The advantages of trackless transfer cart compared to rail transfer cart.

  1. Can choose the battery as the power source, not only can reduce the cost of transportation, and more convenient to use.
  2. Do not damage the original infrastructure and ground facilities of the handling site.
  3. The trackless transfer cart can also add auxiliary devices such as positioning devices, weighing devices, lifting platform devices, etc. According to the needs of users, and can also be assembled with a PLC to realize fully automatic control.
  4. The trackless transfer vehicle can be customized according to user needs with functionalities such as frequency start, anti-rollover, platform lift, WIFI wireless communication, scanning obstacles, fixed-point stop, waterproof treatment, ultra-low platform, and hill climbing.
  5. For the large tonnage of the workshop transfer cart, the cart running stop also has a locking and unlocking function, unlocking the cart to normal operation, to prevent accidents
  6. The trackless transfer cart can also be installed with magnetic strip navigation, and the cart can be made explosion-proof and high-temperature resistant according to the working conditions.

Transportable Objects & Areas Of Application Of Rail Transfer Cart

Perfect Transfer cart Factory is committed to the development of handling equipment and has been engaged in the research and development of transfer carts since the company was established, from unpowered trailers to electric transfer carts of various power supply methods, all of which are developed by our factory, with a handling capacity of up to 1500 tons, and widely recognized by customers! Cart Factory’s large-tonnage electric transfer trucks can not only carry 1-1500T cargo but also realize fully automated AGV transportation, which can free manpower and hands.

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