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Trackless Electric Transfer Cart – Perfect

DATE: 2023 - 03 - 22
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Trackless transfer cart Perfect is powered by batteries, it does not need to lay steel rails on the ground and can drive on flat and hard roads in the factory area. It is also called a trackless tractor, trackless automated transfer cart, or trackless electric transfer cart machine. Compared with the traditional way of handling cranes and forklifts, the BWP trackless transport solution minimizes the operating cost and makes it easier to maintain. And the BWP trackless transport solution is used for the transitional transportation of multiple workshops, which is more convenient than rail transfer vehicles and can greatly improve work efficiency!

Types of Trackless Electric Transfer Cart

Trackless electric transfer cart is composed of a power supply, a transmission mechanism, a steel structure load-bearing frame, a steering system, a walking mechanism, a control module, and a fault diagnosis module. The solid rubber-covered wheels are directly attached to the ground, and the operation is not restricted. The imported wheels protect the ground from damage. Because material transfer trolleys can turn 360° in situ to adapt to narrow space operations and realize 360° multi-directional protection. For example, when trackless vehicles encounter a person in front of it, the car and other functions will automatically stop. According to the different handling equipment solutions, you can choose the applicable trackless transfer cart for your use.

  • Heavy duty automated plate trackless transfer cart is more popular transfer trolley from Perfect. It is primarily used to move dies, coils or material between the press shop and die storage and maintenance areas. Automated trackless transport vehicles have a wide range of applications and a large market demand. For example.

Painting factory: transfer the paper roll painting workshop, transfer the workpiece to the spraying room and the sandblasting room
Industry: steel mills, transferring steel structures, steel pipes, billets, ladles, coils, etc. from one place to another
Other industries: quarries, shipbuilding, warehouses and multiple workshops, etc.

Heavy duty automated plate trackless transfer cart parameters:

  • Load Capacity: 1~300ton
  • Platform Size: customized according to demand
  • Running Speed: 0~25m/min  
  • Wheel Quantity: 4   8
  • Running Distance(m): 0~20
  • Application: Industrial Filed

Battery powered trackless transfer carts are used to move coils, dies, or material between die storage and the press shop and maintenance areas. Battery-powered automated trackless transfer vehicles have the advantage of moving the entire length of a manufacturing facility, where the mold moved by the crane is limited to the distance of the crane travel, Or it has to be transferred from crane bay to crane bay. Our standard heavy-duty design is controlled by a hand-held push-button controller with a small turning radius.

Trackless battery powered transfer cart parameters:

  • Load Capacity: 5t~50ton
  • Platform Size: customized according to demand
  • Running Speed: 0~15m/min   0-12m/min
  • Battery Runtime: about 4h; backup battery can be stored
  • Charging Mode: automatic charging, full automatic power off
  • Radar Control: 3-0.3 m, Automatic stop for obstacles
  • Wheel Material: ZG55+hydropurture
  • Operation Method: Raido Remote Control
  • Automated guided vehicle smart trackless flatbed transfer cart adopts a steel structure load-bearing frame with a large load-bearing capacity. We also installed lifting holes and Polyurethane solid rubber-coated wheels. It is a battery-powered automatic guided vehicle trackless flatbed transfer vehicle. It can also turn 360 degrees without moving forward or backward. Transfer vehicles can pass through the workshop turnover, with high safety and strong carrying capacity. According to the requirements of customers, we can provide you with various types of automatic guided vehicle smart trackless flatbed trucks according to the working environment and ground conditions.

Automated guided vehicle smart trackless flatbed transfer cart parameters

  • Load Capacity: 1~300ton
  • Ground Clearance(mm): 50
  • Running Speed: 0~15m/min   0-12m/min
  • Turning Structure: Mechanical
  • Charging Mode: automatic charging, full automatic power off
  • Radar Control: 3-0.3 m, Automatic stop for obstacles
  • Brake Principle: Electric magnetic brake
  • Wheel Material: ZG55+hydropurture
  • Operation Method: Raido Remote Control
  • Custom steerable trackless transfer tart on concrete ground is a free-spinning type that can run freely from workshop to workshop. The transfer trolley is powered by a battery, which is located under the trolley. The battery provides DC 24V/36V/48V for the electronic control system to drive the car to run. It is suitable for flammable and explosive environments and severe thermal and ferry conditions. For example, a transfer cart is mainly used in steel mills and steel mills to transfer steel (steel coils, billets, ladles, fabricated structures, etc.) from one station to another; it can also be used in shipyards, sandblasting rooms, painting rooms, etc.

Custom steerable trackless transfer cart on concrete ground parameters

  • Load Capacity: 20~300ton
  • Table Size/Dimension (mm): 4500X2200X600 / Customized as per need
  • Special Functions: Anti-explosion, can work for harsh thermal environmental
  • Control Mode: Cable Pendant / Radio remote control /PLC control
  • Wheels Type: Polyurethane coated wheel
  • Radar Control: 3-0.3 m, Automatic stop for obstacles
  • Running Speed : 0-30m/min variable or adjustable
  • Application Sites: Both Industrial and Commercial

For custom steerable transfer cart in factory, generally speaking, it is a kind of industrial handling equipment with a load capacity of 300 tons. For convenience, batteries are generally used for power supply. So sometimes it is also called an electric battery powered transfer vehicle. It has a carrying capacity of up to 300 tons, which is very large. So it is mainly used in mines, manufacturing workshops, port transportation warehouses, and many other fields you can imagine;

Custom steerable transfer car for factory parameters

  • Load Capacity: 5~300ton
  • Structure of Frame: Steel plates welded, beam
  • Ground requirement: Cement floor or Steel plate ground
  • Turning type: Turning while driving with no stop
  • Turning structure: Mechanical
  • Wheel material: ZG55+hydropurture
  • Running Speed : 0-15  0-12
  • Charger’s function: Automatic stop for obstacles
  • Radar control: 3-0.3 m, Automatic stop for obstacles
  • Forklift towed transfer cart on concrete floor cart runs on the concrete ground and is suitable for transporting heavy-duty products such as steel pipes, ladles, and billets from one place to another. And transfer trolleys are mainly used in painting workshops, quarries, warehouses, and workshops to facilitate material transportation. Additionally, the product is suitable for applications in other industries such as:
  1. Mining and coal industry;
  2. Coking plant;
  3. Steel mills transport steel billets, hot-rolled coils, steel ingots, etc.;
  4. Shipbuilding;
  5. Paper roll transfer.

Forklift towed transfer cart on concrete floor parameters

  • Load Capacity: 0~50ton
  • Table size (mm):3000*2000*550 (Customized)
  • Power: Forklift or other vehicle
  • Turning type: Turning while driving with no stop
  • Turning structure: Mechanical
  • Wheel diameter (mm): 400
  • Working environment: Cement or steel floor
  • Industrial trackless trailer with a heavy load capacity with 4 wheels for a production workshop is powered by a battery and has a steering mechanism, which can rotate and move in any direction. This battery-powered cart is designed and built for maximum working flexibility. Since they have no predefined path and can steer in any direction and move over any type of floor, these motorized trolleys are great for transporting heavy loads where overhead cranes cannot. This battery steerable transfer cart represents the best solution for all those limited electrical appliances where there are delicate handling issues.

Industrial trackless trailer with heavy load capacity parameters

  • Load Capacity: 5~80ton
  • Table size (mm):(Customized)
  • Wheel Quantity: 4   8
  • Battery Voltage(V): 36  48  72

Die transfer cart heavy duty for factory transportation is a very popular transfer solution in the mold manufacturing industry. The cart system can be controlled via a push-button pendant or remote control. It can turn freely 360 degrees on a flat floor. Table size is customized according to mold size, and its running speed is 0-15m/min adjustable.

Die Transfer Cart Heavy Duty Application

  • Mold transfer in different areas
  • Die storage and transportation
  • Open die in foundry plant
  • Raw material handling
  • Coil transportation
  • Load Capacity: 5~50ton
  • Table size (mm):(Customized)
  • Wheel Quantity: 4   8
  • Motor: DC motor driven
  • Running speed: 0-25m/min variable or adjustable

Video of 20 Ton Customized Material Trackless Electric Transfer Cart

Advantages Of Trackless Electric Transfer Cart

  1. No rails, getting rid of the dependence on the rails.
  2. Not causing damage to the concrete floor, and can run, move forward, backward, and turn freely.
  3. Battery powered, minimizing the operating cost and making it easier to maintain.
  4. Run freely without distance restrictions.
  5. Provided getting for your inquiry.
  6. Customized according to your real needs.

Technical Parameter of Trackless Electric Transfer Cart

Rated Load(t)251020304560
Table Size (mm)2000*15002500*15003000*20004000*20005000*22006000*24006000*2500
Height (mm)500600700750800850950
Wheel Quantity4488121212
Tire Specification254*102305*165559*25422*9-1022*9-1022*10-1622*14-16
Tire MaterialPress-on solid tirePress-on solid tirePress-on solid tirePress-on solid tirePress-on solid tirePress-on solid tirePress-on solid tire
Frame MaterialQ235Q235Q235Q235Q345Q345Q345
Technical parameter

Trackless Electric Transfer Cart Can Be Customized With The Following Options

Trackless transfer cart can be customized to meet the customer’s handling solution and the actual handling environment. PERFECT Company designs and manufactures a wide range of battery electric transfer carts, track inspection vehicle, truck tractor, rail transfer cart, no-powered transfer cart etc.

Customizable Options:

  • Load Capacity
  • Powered Supply
  • Speed of Displacement
  • Platform Dimensions(LWH)
  • Platform Height or Lift Height
  • Sound & Lights when it is in Movement

Our Services


  • Direct communication at any time and reply to messages within 12 hours.
  • Personalized service and customized solutions.
  • Warm reception for customer visits.
  • Flexible payment methods.


  • 12 months warranty for the whole machine.
  • 24-hour technical support by phone, email, or WhatsApp/Skype.
  • Detailed operation manual and operation video to help you take control quickly.
  • Engineers can provide repair services for overseas machines.
  • During the warranty period, you are supported to repair the technology or replace the related parts.
  • After the warranty period, the price of replacement parts is absolutely discounted.

Packaging And Transportation Of Trackless Electric Transfer Cart 

The following photo is about loading a trackless transfer trolley 100t wrapped in tight rain canvas in 2022, wheels and accessories are packed in wood. Sturdy and environmentally friendly, we can also pack it according to your requirements.

Our Transfer Cart PERFECT Factory

Transfer cart Perfect is a professional and leading manufacturer of handing equipment, with 15 years history. There are 5 senior engineers, 7 engineers, 12 technicians, 3 professional after-sales pronelsales、customer service and other staff totaling more than 100+ people. There are many professional material transfer trolleys, such as, motorized transfer cart, rail transfer cart, automatic guided vehicle(agv), no-powered transfer cart, rail turntables, track inspection vehicle, truck tractor, lift platform, rail, wheels, and accessories etc. If you need one, you can contact us.

Q & A

  1. Q: What is your MOQ?
    A: 1 set.
  2. Q: What is the warranty?
    A: 2 years warranty.
  3. Q: What is the size of this trackless electric transfer cart?
    A: Customized and designed to suit your specific load handling requirements.
  4. Q: How to operate a trackless electric transfer cart?
    A: Controlled by a pendant and remote radio control.
    The controller could be a push button or joy-sticker.
  5. Q: Does a trackless electric transfer cart have a brake system?
    A: Yes. there is an electromagnetic brake on the trackless cart. When the DC motor industrial transfer cart material carbon steel track platform transfer vehicle with casters is powered off, the brake will work automatically. And there is an emergency stop button on the remote control and transfer cart.
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