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rail transfer cart customized for rail roads

(1)The vehicle could be equipped with mounted equipment (10KG) and meet all the customized requirements.

(2)The propulsion of the rail transfer cart customized for rail roads is optional: lead-acid battery pack, gasoline engine or diesel engine.

(3)Autopilot (Speed 0.35-5m/s) ; Two–way traffic (forward and back dual drive, optional).

(4)The rail transfer cart customized for the rail roads system will be tailored for each customer.

Product Description

overall structure and characteristics of rail transfer cart customized for railroads

Rail transfer cart customized for railroads is powered by a battery, and it adopts an ultrasonic wheeled probe and B-scan display mode to inspect the two tracks simultaneously. Rail transfer cart customized for railroads mainly includes four subsystems: drive system, servo system, flaw detection system and electrical control system. The detection step could complete at least one interval detection task in one skylight between 10-15KM.After more than a year o on-site use. it has the following main features:

    • High detection efficiency
    • High detection accuracy
    • Site real-time detection
    • Convenient assemble, and strong endurance

Design and selection of Rail transfer cart customized for railroads

The drive system consists of front and rear frames, intermediate link span, walking wheels, axle, DC motor, battery and other components. It mainly realizes the walking function on the inspected rails for double rails automatic detection system and provides a carrying platform and driving force for the servosystem, flaw detection system and electrical control system.

rail cart for railroad

walking wheel design

As the inspection car is driving on the steel track, the wheel dimensions refer to the relevant dimensions o1 the railway vehicle wheels and are designed with the flange angle, tread slope, iner are of the wheel rim, etc. to ensure the car run in the curved track without of rails and derailment Meanwhileconsldering the handling convenience, up and down rails easily, the walking wheels apply light weight design with aluminium alloy material. In order to prevent lapping and reduce abrasion. the main outer surface encloses a layer of plyrehann with the caraclerisis of insulation. high load ability to bear the high dynamic load, wear resistance. low noise and lightweight. The walking when fixed on the solid axle through the locking nut and cotter pin.


Parameters of Track maintenance vehicle
NO. Item Value
Model Motor rail trolley
Rated load(kg) 500
Table size (mm) 1600×1000
Rail inner gauge(mm) 1435
Light Customized
Power Lithium battery
Control Button control
Running speed(km/h) 0-30
Diameter(mm) 200
Lithium battery 2000mAH
Charge time 8h
Working time 4-5h
Application High-speed railway, railway,subway
Wheel 4
Charge voltage AC220V,50HZ

Application of perfect Rail transfer cart customized for railroads

There are two main modes of flaw detection: ane is hand-push steel fอwdetector worker detection. This detection model has features such as high accuracy, less missed inspection, low efficiency, and costly manpower. And It will cover 2K m-3Km every hour. Another mode is a large-scale, high-speed detection car with a portable detector and fixed-point review mode. This model high detection rate, but low accuracy. High cost, high maintenance requirement and it can’t inspect the transverse crack of the rail bottom and waist area. The above detecting modes are difficult to meet the detection requirements of steel rails for China’s growing high-speed railways. Our railway detection vehicle is well developed and manufactured. This kind of vehicle uses a lightweight design. Aluminium alloy material. The driving system has passed tests such as passing a large ramp. Small radius curve. Complex turnout, other complicated lines and rain and snow are bad weather. It has never occurred derailed, lost track, slippery slope, lack of power or other issues, which proves that the overall design of the drive system is reasonable. And fully ensure the safety and reliability of detection works. It is one high cost-effective inspection and maintenance solution between the current rail detection systems.

rail cart for railroads
rail cart for railroad


This kind of vehicle will design with two sets of lithium batteries, whose rated voltages are 24v and 48v respectively.

The entire car has been carried out with a lightweight design of the structure, so it is necessary to analyze the strength of wheels and axles to ensure the safety of vehicles. This case uses ANSYS for enhanced analysis and verification, the software is widely used in structural analysis and other aspects of the calibration.

Wheels are aluminium alloy materials with ANSYS modelling analysis.

Autopilot (Speed 0.35-5 m/s),Two-way traffic (forward and back dual drive, optional).

The axle is a hollow alloy steel tube using ANSYS modelling analysis for the strengthening checking of axles.

Compared with traditional hand-push type steel detection mode and large-scale high-speed detection vehicle with the portable detector and fixed-point review model, the detecting efficiency of this kind of car has been increased by 6 times.

The PERFECT rail flaw detection vehicle could find all damage types detected by the hand-push detector, especially the traversing crack of rail bottom, which can solve the serious problem that the large-scale detection vehicle can’t detect the secondary damage.

Could be driven by a battery, gasoline engine or diesel engine.

The lightweight and compact design make the operator stop to check and real-time detect on-site at any time.

The vehicle could be equipped with mounted equipment(10kg) and meet all the customized requirements.

According to the Ministry of Railway standards, the wheels must have insulating treatment to avoid short circuits, so that it won’t affect other trains running during the detection period.

It can realize remote control.

The body is lightweight and could be lifted by two people.

The continuous hydraulic driving control system ensures running and braking safely (speed 3-5km/h).

Each structure should be taken into account for convenient disassembly and simple maintenance.

The traction connecting bolt is equipped with a chain to prevent loss.

All products have 2 years warranty, during which, if there are any quality problems, we would offer free on-site service.

The power and drive part of the rail motor trolley has a certain dock port, which could be used for second development.


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